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Keeping Aviation Nostalgia Alive!

Don Ricci the "Nose Art Guy"

50 Fairlie Drive

Santa Rosa, CA  95403

Tel or Text : (707) 477-0363

 Nothing screams aviation nostalgia like the time honored tradition of nose art .  I have such a passion for it. It fuels me. Every time my brush goes to metal , I feel as if I am doing my part to keep aviation history alive. I paint in the honor of those crews who flew in combat in majestic aircraft adorned with names like, "Memphis Belle", "Flak Maid', "Sack Time" . When I see a piece of my nose art doing a 250 knot pass at an airshow, or see a one of my vintage aircraft panel nose art pieces hanging on a clients wall, I am so happy to be sharing my love for nose art! 

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Custom designed nose art on actual vintage military aircraft panels. We can recreate or design the perfect piece for your aircraft, leather flight jacket, home, hangar, den. or man cave! 

I have quite a selection of panels off various aircraft that are blank canvasses just waiting for your nose art! 


    Will Paint Nose Art For Panels! 

 You have extra parts hanging around the hangar?

Give me a call! Always on the lookout!

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